I flew with Larry from Aerodyne Flight Center to complete my Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check after 5 years of not sitting in a cockpit. Larry is a great instructor who wisely used the mix of real flying and the simulator to allow a great learning environment and thereby save time and money. Larry understood that I am from abroad and time is critical, thus adjusted the training pretty compressed, yet digestible, with instant and sound communication beforehand. The Aerodyne Flight Center C172 Larry is using is in excellent condition, the best I have seen in so many years flying. Well maintained, all equipment functional, and clean.
I would like to recommend Larry as CFII to anybody who wants to learn from Larry's vast knowledge and experience around all topics of aviation, who wants to fly safe, and accomplish flying goals in a good pace and environment. Would like to thank Larry and Doug for this set up and for making me safe flying again.
Nikolaus de Silva, Germany
I am very happy to recommend Doug for instrument training. When Doug trained me in 2007 we spent the better part of a week flying to Arizona, training in Arizona and then flying back. I then trained two more days a couple of weeks later and took my test ride on the third day. Doug has a great demeanor and was very organized in his approach. I passed the test ride with flying colors. Doug also arranged for a good examiner which was instrumental in our success (no pun intended). I now fly again with Doug every six months for an IPC. ~ Tom Skoro - Columbia 400 Portland Oregon

I was very impressed with the quality of knowledge, service, and the professionalism I received by training in my 414 with Doug Cox and Aerodyne Flight Center. The curriculum was thorough and the flight training was well managed, safe, and very informative. I highly recommend this company to anyone that wants safe, complete training in their own aircraft. ~ Kevin Jordan - Cessna 414 Redmond Oregon

Doug is a great instructor. I started and completed my instrument rating with Doug in 2007 and have had all of my IPC with him since. Doug understands Cirrus aircraft well, is patient but observant and is always interested in helping you work through an issue or an area that I, as a pilot, don't understand clearly. ~ Steve Shields - Cirrus SR20 Corvallis Oregon

Doug is my first choice for flight instruction. He delivers many qualities and resources that really matter in a flight instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He is experienced in high performance, single, and multi engine aircraft along with charter and FBO operation. He has a great amount of personal experience to share that is relevant and valuable to students of all experience levels and professional backgrounds. Doug genuinely cares about my progress, understanding, and retention of the material. He makes sure that I can demonstrate the proper procedures in any given scenario. It is without any hesitation that I recommend Doug Cox for your flight training. ~ Amy Anderson, Redmond Or.


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